l.l. cool j(ulie)

did i ever tell you how cute my friend Julie is? she's got this whole americana thing going on that convinces me the secret to chic lies in an l.l. bean catalog. even though she's my friend and i totally made her take this picture, let's give her the same street style treatment that regular ol' strangers get.

the beauty of this look lies in it's simplicity. there's only 5 things you need to know about this outfit:

1. classic little boy's blazer.

2. basic white tee.

3. simple gray scarf.

4. cuffed just right jeans.

5. and you already know i love her classic clarks.

add accessories; like say, a gold watch and bangle that play off your blazer buttons and a perfectly beat up tote et voila! an outfit you'll never look back and wonder what the hell you were thinking.

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