street style

hmmm... not much to say here 'cept she looks cool as sh*t.

in point of fact:

-the bold shoulder jacket; very balmain, although very margiela before that anyway, which in either case references the 80's, which touched on the 40's, ..gah!

-ripped and faded jeans; also very balmain-ish

-cross body bag; just very current (she applied the chain strap herself!)

-disheveled bangs with wild waves; very.. whatever i'm tired of this game.

and, i was delighted to hear that almost all of the look was thrifted aside from the jeans and shoes but even they were from H&M so what can i say? a good eye will get you far style wise.

kind of reminds me of someone else i know (of). doesn't she totally look like irina lazareanu???

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