Cindy, Claudia, and the whole lot of them are on a campaign to torture me. these heifers look gooooood! and most of them have had children right? cindy has two for sure, christy turlington has at least one... now im not sure about linda and claudia and certainly not ms. naomi. in any event, i bought cindy's workout tape in middle school and at no point did i ever look like this. hhhgggrrggh... guess i will go to monday's chisel class.

Cindy in the april issue of allure


ooooh yeah mama likes!

The sound i made when i saw these shoes made my dog come running from across the room with a distinct look of concern in his eye... "its ok, mama's just looking at shoes," i assured.

look, i make ridiculous noises when i shoegasm ok? Cosmo told me this is totally natural and not to be embarrassed.


who wore it clever??

that is the fashion face off id rather see.

fashionista pit blogger fave anna della russo, who's balmain love is well noted, against oscar winning actress jennifer connelly in a who wore it better showdown.
the answer: who cares?
they're both wearing a full runway look. I mean, tights? booties? an alternate aggressive shoe? any effort would have been appreciated.

Dear Point,
sorry I missed you.


Holy Shit!

its pictures like this that make me realize some people are just meant to be models and some ... are not. self, im looking at you. sigh, here is claudia schiffer looking fab at, at least 40 right? i dont know whether to go to the gym or eat cake. prob i'll do both.

seriously she looks even better than the guess ad days no? quick story. i was assisting a stylist a few years ago on an italian vogue shoot, and claudia was the model. i was dying since- when i was a kid, she was like, massive. selling everything to everybody. lip gloss (remember the revlon commercial where she and cindy are "playing" basketball?!) and yeah, jeans. My 11 year old self totally thought:
lip gloss + shooting hoops + designer jeans = boys

anyway, she was really nice even though i was probably staring at her while that technotronic song played in my head.

photo from april issue of British Vogue


now if they would only flip up

i read somewhere that round glasses are in so i figured i better get on it.

i kid of course but it's funny how that tingly feeling (instincts, inherent style, telepathy) of desire for something is usually right in line with the current tempo of the industry. where is this "street" anyway that designers always say they get their inspiration?
oh my god- maybe jack and lazaro are style stalking me in brooklyn!

fears of looking like harry potter aside, off i set in search of round sunnies. having no dough for linda farrow and such, i went to trusty ebay, giver of many things. lo and behold, i came across these beauties.
i already bought them so dont even try it
i think the seller essentially tricked me into a bidding war with myself, offering me a second chance within like, one second of me "losing." alas, better to have them than trying to spite a stranger yeah? in the end, $60 aint bad and the shipping was free...
they arent as round as i was looking for but they have that
dwayne wayne cross bar action at the top. hey! is that the tingle of the next wave?


Tag! ...you're it!

Photo by The Sartorialist

we're friends right? i mean, i feel like i can tell you anything. weird since we just met and all. you're like alcohol or something, my truth serum! so im gonna tell you a bit about myself and i hope you do the same.
btw, just so we're clear, that is NOT me pictured above
i dont have an it bag. just might if i could..i dont look like a model (im not getting any taller and my thighs rub together), but i love fashion like an obsessive clingy lover. so lets talk about it, lets share pictures. i'll show you my thrift finds and my ebay obsessions. or if i got a vivienne westwood dress at century 21; because that's truly how i get down. i will tell you about some of my friends in the industry and the cool jobs that they have. sometimes i'll show you pictures of my dog b/c he's really cute. my main aim though is to shoot (with a camera) cool people on the street who arent the usual suspects. dont get me wrong, carine and crew look amazing, as well they should. i expect them too. oh and hey- that kate lanphear is pretty fierce right? le duh. but, living here in new york and working in the biz, i see people who look effing incredible all the time. i bet you do too (wherever you live).

show me!--bonus points for old people