so i felt like a snark-monster from the last post so i'm putting this up to make amends. but the sometimes and the nevers are the realities of always/sometimes/never ya know? anyways...

doesn't everyone look smashing in their white tees and jeans? i love how they each, using basically the same outfit ingredients, are entirely unique and look 100% themselves. sidenote: why are both the fellas holdin' a drank?

white tee shirts + jeans= always classic
whether you want to go retro classic workman, laid back garconne chic, or cool urban ..uhhh.. guy.

photos from left to right: mickey spillane image from the selvedge yard, "emily" from garancedore.fr./en/, and my own picture of my friend, the artist nathan jalani taylor.



animal print: one's doing it right, one's doing it wrong. granted, it's not a fair fight...

i love expressing my inner feline as much as the next gal but i have to put leopard (and it's other jungle friends) firmly in the sometimes lane. lest you think im body snarking on the civilian, heiny-hatred would = self-hatred round these parts so that's not it. my problem lies with the cheap faux fur, weird crop length of the pants, and boots with said crop. hey at least nobody (except my mom) is still worried about the whole no white before memorial day thing right? speaking of, i'm so looking forward to this much needed long weekend.


the rest of the story...

so as i mentioned.. i went to my pal alison's house, not only for the champagne and two bite brownies, but mainly to ogle the clothes (that she designed) at her trunk show.

her very charming apartment has a similar aesthetic to her clothing: whimsical and dreamy yet sophisticated. the sale was open to a select grouping of clientele, most of whom either modeled in her fall presentation or styled it (moi).

and of course she had plenty of cute friends for me to harass for pics:

all in all, i learned about knockout nail polish, ate chocolate, and made some new friends. now if i could just figure out how to put pictures "after the jump" so these posts wouldn't be so long...



so blogging is hard work yall.. to post not only timely, relevant content but also in a visually appealing manner is def quite the challenge. more posts to come-promise! oh, the lil' deer above is from designer alison lewis's super cute apt. i recently went to her trunk show and snapped pics of her and her cute friends so i can't wait to share that with you.


call me crazy but...

photo via the cut

i never in a mill. thought i'd say that posh reminded me of adriana lima but...

photo via victoria's secret

kinda right? c'mon, squint your eyes a little. i think this may be her best angle. posh that is, adriana doesn't have a bad one.

models in the wild

i would love to have a look-see at the manual that apparently, all models are given on day one of how to look cool off duty. at left: french model noemie lenoir running around nyc. on the right: bluefly model jana, post shoot. i think the cliffs notes would say something like:

wear black.
wear boots.
wear leather.

well-- and to be skinny and beautiful, blah, blah, blah...

photo of noemie via jezebel.com; jana by moi.


manga madness... knee socks abound

wow, so i headed to the brooklyn botanical garden to scout locations and photo ops for my impending nuptials only to find that today was in fact the sakura matsuri "cherry blossom" festival.

obvs the cherry blossoms were great and all but more importantly, all the goth-lolita-cosplay gals (and some guys... and some girls dressed as guys..) came out to play.

i did some light research (ie: google) to make sure i'm not saying anything ignorant or offensive but in short, i saw rainbows of wigs, lots of knee socks, and even some creepy dolls. what?! is that offensive?

so consider this "a just the facts" rundown of what i saw. not my style per se but you gotta respect their commitment.

i loooove that she posed for me. omg

skittles wigs

some were more into the goth aspect than the whole little girl petticoat thing...

while others were super (little) girly...

the aforementioned creeped out dolls. see, they're kinda creepy right?

actually, it's kind of editorial no? rolling around on the wooded ground, vacant eyes, the boy doll hinting at a threesome. remember that muse story with hanne gaby odiele? yeah, very that.

not surprisingly, the doll's momma was dressed as a victorian doll herself; which is a strong vein of the whole cosplay (costume play) movement.

another example here...

so awesomely distracting i almost forgot why i was there. almost...



um, i don't know who they are, what they're wearing, or any that stuff i usually try to find out.

i was at a friend's art exhibit drinking wine so alls i can tell you is they were cute so i followed them around the room until i could get a good shot. not creepy at all.

i dig their: plunging necklines, shoved sleeves, and fun pants in both the red pin dots on the left, and the pristine white cuffed on the right.

question: is it a boyfriend blazer if you're a man?

another question: is it wrong that they remind me of these guys?

and i mean that in the very most complimentary of ways; everyone wanted to jack their style.

yeeessss! they might just as soon kick it with kanye as solve crimes! stop--they'll be fashion police! yeeessss!!

sigh, i love them. i like to imagine they coordinate always and have varying themes. cowboy day, disco day, new school preppy yacht wear day...and like, if you're a poor dresser who's not cute you can't be their friend.

i can't handle it..