so i felt like a snark-monster from the last post so i'm putting this up to make amends. but the sometimes and the nevers are the realities of always/sometimes/never ya know? anyways...

doesn't everyone look smashing in their white tees and jeans? i love how they each, using basically the same outfit ingredients, are entirely unique and look 100% themselves. sidenote: why are both the fellas holdin' a drank?

white tee shirts + jeans= always classic
whether you want to go retro classic workman, laid back garconne chic, or cool urban ..uhhh.. guy.

photos from left to right: mickey spillane image from the selvedge yard, "emily" from garancedore.fr./en/, and my own picture of my friend, the artist nathan jalani taylor.

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  1. yeah, you are the snarkiest beeyotch in the whole world!