um, i don't know who they are, what they're wearing, or any that stuff i usually try to find out.

i was at a friend's art exhibit drinking wine so alls i can tell you is they were cute so i followed them around the room until i could get a good shot. not creepy at all.

i dig their: plunging necklines, shoved sleeves, and fun pants in both the red pin dots on the left, and the pristine white cuffed on the right.

question: is it a boyfriend blazer if you're a man?

another question: is it wrong that they remind me of these guys?

and i mean that in the very most complimentary of ways; everyone wanted to jack their style.

yeeessss! they might just as soon kick it with kanye as solve crimes! stop--they'll be fashion police! yeeessss!!

sigh, i love them. i like to imagine they coordinate always and have varying themes. cowboy day, disco day, new school preppy yacht wear day...and like, if you're a poor dresser who's not cute you can't be their friend.

i can't handle it..

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