manga madness... knee socks abound

wow, so i headed to the brooklyn botanical garden to scout locations and photo ops for my impending nuptials only to find that today was in fact the sakura matsuri "cherry blossom" festival.

obvs the cherry blossoms were great and all but more importantly, all the goth-lolita-cosplay gals (and some guys... and some girls dressed as guys..) came out to play.

i did some light research (ie: google) to make sure i'm not saying anything ignorant or offensive but in short, i saw rainbows of wigs, lots of knee socks, and even some creepy dolls. what?! is that offensive?

so consider this "a just the facts" rundown of what i saw. not my style per se but you gotta respect their commitment.

i loooove that she posed for me. omg

skittles wigs

some were more into the goth aspect than the whole little girl petticoat thing...

while others were super (little) girly...

the aforementioned creeped out dolls. see, they're kinda creepy right?

actually, it's kind of editorial no? rolling around on the wooded ground, vacant eyes, the boy doll hinting at a threesome. remember that muse story with hanne gaby odiele? yeah, very that.

not surprisingly, the doll's momma was dressed as a victorian doll herself; which is a strong vein of the whole cosplay (costume play) movement.

another example here...

so awesomely distracting i almost forgot why i was there. almost...


  1. what an amazing event to stumble upon! you were probably thinking wtf? omg? lol! or something to that effect....;D