today was fun in that i saw two pairs of shoes that i loved. one, a cool classic best friend you can count on and the other, a sexy new exciting lover.

the clark's desert boot always looks good on everyone: man, woman, or child. seriously they can ground a dress or jeans. and from what i hear, you'd have to pry them from tonne goodman's cold dead hands (feet?). when im feeling floppy and casual, i reach for 'em.

i haven't yet purchased any clog boots ... oh--- yes well, clog boots are just what they sound like. here look:

clog-boot girl was traipsing through bryant park. when i stopped her to snap a pic, clog-boot girl's boyfriend said,
"cool boots right?"

damn straight. i particularly love her pant indecision; casually cuffed or open and free? both apparently!


  1. hahah at a fitting but needing to comment as my home comp sucks-this little comment box doesn't show up on my out of date software...blah anyhow, i want both pairs of shoes myself!

  2. i've spent every day since then thinking how much better life would be if lived in clog boots!