dont you kind of love those pimp suits some guys wear? and by some guys i mean yeah, black guys. reminiscent of the zoot suits popular in the 30's and 40's, they now seem to be standard baptist church fair and conversely, a fave of snoop dogg friend the bishop don "magic" juan.

right off the train station by my house is the stacy adams plaza, a 3 store strip that houses every manner of suit, hat, and shoe for your inner pimp.

i like to walk by real slow like im not really looking; visions of hamish bowles and andre 3000 dancing in my head. we've got to get those two together for a shopping playdate; the fun they'd have! i love that very few degrees seperate a vogue editor and a rapper from the south. erha, sartorially speaking that is...


  1. I walk past a store called The House of Adam regularly (Stacy Adams HQ around here), and EVERY TIME I promise myself I'm gonna stop by and get some "tailor-mades" and a couple of those pimp hats. My feet are too small for the purple Gators, though...

  2. awwww, thats too bad. what is the style conscious little man to do?

  3. love these stores....always around the F.I.T and garment district area...