Brent from the block

i spotted this fine young dandy while hopping on the train late for work the other day. didn't stop me from getting out with him at 14th st (3 stops earlier than my own) to snap his pic. good sport that he was, he forgave my early a.m. stalking. we made fast chatty friends and turns out he lives right in my neighborhood in brooklyn. wonder if he shops at the stacy adams plaza on nostrand? doubtful...
there are so many aspects of this look i covet: the cute specs, jaunty scarf, lv tote, and shiny loafers. i was actually wearing a scarf and loafers myself when i snapped this. maybe im just a narcissist. although, i had more of a grey gardens thing going on.

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  1. ooh, he's a great find! i also want to see some of YOUR outfits, td! more street style!