if you haven't already signed up for stylecaster, hurry up and do it now... seriously, i'll wait.... you back? ok. so meg cuna and the gang invited me down to guest style which was loads of fun. just racks of clothes and no advertiser list**. wheeeee!

once you're all logged in, you can add items to your own personal fantasy closet, check out other peoples style boards and listen to exclusive interviews. its almost like facebook or something but made especially for fashion folks. good times.

so the look above is one put together by moi.

**when you style an editorial for a magazine, even though your creativity is supposed to be king, you are still given a list of advertisers, for example: armani, diesel, reebok, etc... that must be worked into the story. advertisers are afterall, how the mag makes money at the end of the day!

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