not yo mama's jeans...

i spied this cutie while out buying a plastic king crown of all things for an upcoming shoot... even from behind i knew she had an awesome look and she didn't even freak out when i came jogging up behind her. in fact, in true 'only in new york' fashion, once i was done she whipped out her own camera to take a picture of me!

now-let's chop it up and serve it yeah?

pants: harem/cropped/pleats. high risk = high reward

cool shades: check

tangle of wristwear: check

tee: possibly her man's

hat: oversized, sumptuous knit

let's get back to the pants for a sec'. quite reminiscent of the much discussed "mom-jeans" from the marc fall (09) show wouldn't you say? nice to see a for reals interpretation. not that i wouldn't wear the marc version if given the dough and the hip circumference; i'm just sayin...

more street/subway style shots to come but i gotta tell ya, there are some shy new yorkers out there! yes ma'am! i get told no more often then yes. guess i have to work on my pitch; it's not like im the sartorialist or something...


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