Holy Shit!

its pictures like this that make me realize some people are just meant to be models and some ... are not. self, im looking at you. sigh, here is claudia schiffer looking fab at, at least 40 right? i dont know whether to go to the gym or eat cake. prob i'll do both.

seriously she looks even better than the guess ad days no? quick story. i was assisting a stylist a few years ago on an italian vogue shoot, and claudia was the model. i was dying since- when i was a kid, she was like, massive. selling everything to everybody. lip gloss (remember the revlon commercial where she and cindy are "playing" basketball?!) and yeah, jeans. My 11 year old self totally thought:
lip gloss + shooting hoops + designer jeans = boys

anyway, she was really nice even though i was probably staring at her while that technotronic song played in my head.

photo from april issue of British Vogue

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