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Photo by The Sartorialist

we're friends right? i mean, i feel like i can tell you anything. weird since we just met and all. you're like alcohol or something, my truth serum! so im gonna tell you a bit about myself and i hope you do the same.
btw, just so we're clear, that is NOT me pictured above
i dont have an it bag. just might if i could..i dont look like a model (im not getting any taller and my thighs rub together), but i love fashion like an obsessive clingy lover. so lets talk about it, lets share pictures. i'll show you my thrift finds and my ebay obsessions. or if i got a vivienne westwood dress at century 21; because that's truly how i get down. i will tell you about some of my friends in the industry and the cool jobs that they have. sometimes i'll show you pictures of my dog b/c he's really cute. my main aim though is to shoot (with a camera) cool people on the street who arent the usual suspects. dont get me wrong, carine and crew look amazing, as well they should. i expect them too. oh and hey- that kate lanphear is pretty fierce right? le duh. but, living here in new york and working in the biz, i see people who look effing incredible all the time. i bet you do too (wherever you live).

show me!--bonus points for old people

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    Here's who I secretly want to be: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_MgTaD7Yqa5w/SIzqo_y0-mI/AAAAAAAAABI/VVUU73XVmkk/s400/giovanna.jpg

    Giovanna!!!!!! Why are you you and I am me?