do you double denim?

been seeing it all over the place. loves it! looks fresh which is an amazing feat since it's june and all.. though it has been raining like eh-va-ry day. so maybe it was function as much as fashion.

anyway, check his:

fun nerd glasses

varying shades of denim (kind of essential to pulling this off)

slight cuff to the jean

perfect on everyone canvas shoes... which may even be a light blue... hmmm.. lemme put on my glasses...
either way, flashing back to 6th grade and my raging keds obsession.

once again i've been harassing strangers at my subway stop.. but-what can i say? bed-stuys gentrified yo...


  1. *sigh* Crisp white Keds always remind me of drill team. I was thinking about getting some this summer but I'm scared I'll start having flashbacks and break out into the ol' fight song routine...

    That would be bad.

  2. i am demanding new posts. yeah the weddings coming up but you must....(ok i am teasing...)

  3. hahahaha sorry! just saw this.. coming soon coming soon...